Monday, February 6, 2012

The Hatch Evolution

After several weeks of research, Hatch has evolved. Our mission is still to engage Millennials to discover their true purpose and unleash their talents to meet the growing global challenges our societies face. However, instead of just taking Millennials on a transformative learning journey we have decided to connect college Juniors and Seniors with jobs after they graduate.

In a February cover article in Bloomberg Businessweek, Jeffrey Joerres, the CEO of Manpower, a global temporary staffing agency, said “Youth unemployment will clearly be the epidemic of this next decade unless we get on it right away.” Hatch is here to get on it. We will be partnering with staffing agencies and socially responsible companies to match energetic, intelligent Millennials with meaningful employment. 

Hatch will recruit and screen Juniors and Seniors pursuing degrees in the liberal arts and humanities. These students will complete the Hatch curriculum focused on figuring out where their interests might be best applied to the workforce, workplace etiquette, and thriving in the post-academic world. They will also learn about cutting edge sustainable business practices (a balance of environment, economics, and social equity) and big-picture systems thinking skills.Once they have completed this curriculum, students will attend a Hatch Summit. This interactive, inspirational event will provide an opportunity for Millennials to work with one another, network with industry leaders, and impress career coaches and recruiters. Employers will find that it is easier and less expensive to find an intelligent, well rounded, self-aware Millennial employee from Hatch than it is to wade through a sea of unvetted resumes to take a gamble on someone without much work experience. 
What do you think of this latest iteration of Hatch? Would you have applied to something like this to jump start your post-college career? What would you pay/have paid to enter the program? If not, what would lead you to consider Hatch? Answer these questions and add any other comments you may have on our  NEW SURVEY.