Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Hatch's Value Proposition for Business

Our constantly changing world has created an unpredictable business climate. Businesses are finding that they need creative, energetic, and collaborative employees, yet with an oversupply of job applications, HR managers and recruiters are finding it difficult to sift through piles of resumes to find these qualified candidates. As a result, the hiring process is taking longer and getting more expensive than it used to be.

We are four MBA students from BGI re-imagining how college students and employers interact. Our concept is Hatch, an entrepreneurial enterprise that matches creative, talented liberal arts students with forward thinking businesses. We screen juniors and seniors from the nation’s top liberal arts colleges to become Hatch Fellows. Hatch fills in the gaps of a traditional college education. We help students discover their passions, figure out how to apply their liberal arts degree to business, and develop tools to help them thrive in the 21st century workplace. Finally, Hatch connects Fellows with forward thinking businesses at our inspirational, four day long Summits where teams of Fellows collaborate with Sponsor businesses to solve a problem proposed by our Sponsors. Here are five reasons why your company should partner with Hatch:
  1. You want the top talent for your business. Hatch recruits Fellows from the nation’s top liberal arts schools such as Skidmore College, Carleton College, and Whitman College. Our applicant pool is made up of intelligent, motivated, and creative students and our program prepares them for the business world.
  2. You want to know your future employees. Recruiting through college fairs and online databases is a costly and an inefficient use of your company's time. Let Hatch help you find the future employees you need. At our Summit events, you will get a chance to see Fellows in action as they work through real world business problems.
  3. Fellows want to work for you. A recent study by the College Advisory Board states that 71% of Millennials, the generation that makes up today’s college graduates, are searching for a meaningful career. For Hatch Fellows this figure is 100%.
  4. The workplace is changing. According to a recent article in Fast Company, “yesterday’s rules no longer apply,” to businesses. Our Fellows will infuse new enthusiasm and energy into your business and work with you to create a collaborative, tech savvy workplace.
  5. Hatch doesn’t just train Fellows. We bring experts on organizational development to our Summit events so you can learn how to work more effectively with the next generation of American workers.
What do you think of all of this? Would you go to Hatch when looking for entry level employees? Fill out THIS 10 QUESTION SURVEY and help us out!

Monday, February 6, 2012

The Hatch Evolution

After several weeks of research, Hatch has evolved. Our mission is still to engage Millennials to discover their true purpose and unleash their talents to meet the growing global challenges our societies face. However, instead of just taking Millennials on a transformative learning journey we have decided to connect college Juniors and Seniors with jobs after they graduate.

In a February cover article in Bloomberg Businessweek, Jeffrey Joerres, the CEO of Manpower, a global temporary staffing agency, said “Youth unemployment will clearly be the epidemic of this next decade unless we get on it right away.” Hatch is here to get on it. We will be partnering with staffing agencies and socially responsible companies to match energetic, intelligent Millennials with meaningful employment. 

Hatch will recruit and screen Juniors and Seniors pursuing degrees in the liberal arts and humanities. These students will complete the Hatch curriculum focused on figuring out where their interests might be best applied to the workforce, workplace etiquette, and thriving in the post-academic world. They will also learn about cutting edge sustainable business practices (a balance of environment, economics, and social equity) and big-picture systems thinking skills.Once they have completed this curriculum, students will attend a Hatch Summit. This interactive, inspirational event will provide an opportunity for Millennials to work with one another, network with industry leaders, and impress career coaches and recruiters. Employers will find that it is easier and less expensive to find an intelligent, well rounded, self-aware Millennial employee from Hatch than it is to wade through a sea of unvetted resumes to take a gamble on someone without much work experience. 
What do you think of this latest iteration of Hatch? Would you have applied to something like this to jump start your post-college career? What would you pay/have paid to enter the program? If not, what would lead you to consider Hatch? Answer these questions and add any other comments you may have on our  NEW SURVEY.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Why Hatch?

Have you recently felt like your career was languishing at sea? You are not alone. Many college graduates leave the academic system without discovering their passions or talents. They try their hand at a few different things, changing jobs every few years looking for something that sticks. This tendency has given the Millennial generation, those born between 1980 and 1995, a reputation for being fickle. A recent report by the Career Advisory Board stated that 32% of managers over the age of 50 would be less likely to hire a Millennial knowing that young professionals are likely to have a greater number of jobs and careers than older generations.

This finding combined with the fact that Millennials desire meaningful jobs, led the Career Advisory Board to conclude that young professionals should make discovering their passions and talents a priority if they want to succeed in the workplace.

Additionally, managers who work with young professionals believe Millennials should develop transferable skills, like communication and relationship building, particularly with a mentor. Our program will be designed to help Millennials discover their passions and develop these skills.

We would love for you to answer these questions below this post to help us design our product. 

  1. Name and describe two skills you would like to develop as you jump-start your career?
  2. Recall and describe two activities that have, in the past, helped you discover a new passion in life.
  3. Name a place to travel for a long weekend of self-discovery. Describe three or four reasons why you are attracted to that place.
  4. Describe your career in ten years. List five steps you'll need to take in order to make that description a reality based on what you know right now.   
Please take a few minutes to answer these questions in THIS SURVEY or in the comments section below. We look forward to conversing with you as our product develops. Thanks!

Introducing Hatch

We are Hatch, a team of four MBA students from BGI designing an enterprise to accelerate the impact of Generation Y in the new economy.  

How? We will engage twenty somethings in a transformative learning journey to discover their true purpose and unleash their talents to meet the growing global challenges our societies face. Our program is a three month development “trek” conducted online complimented by one in-person event. Hatch Fellows will collaborate with one another and renowned experts to harness their leadership potential, gain confidence and self-awareness, connect with their inner passions and apply their creativity to addressing today’s urgent challenges.  

Twenty somethings, also known as Millennials, are now a significant portion of the American workforce. This generation, raised in the 1980s and 1990s, is America’s most educated. Additionally, 71% of Millennials are searching for a meaningful career that improves society. Over 90% of Millennials with a Bachelor’s degree believe that a masters or professional degree would be at least somewhat relevant for their future career goals. However, many Millennials say that the time and money required for a graduate degree prevent them from pursing one. Our inexpensive three month program provides another option. We invite you to guide the development of our vision by adding your comments and by posing challenging questions. We want to work with you to transform your inner passion into your into positive action.  How can we help you best?