Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Introducing Hatch

We are Hatch, a team of four MBA students from BGI designing an enterprise to accelerate the impact of Generation Y in the new economy.  

How? We will engage twenty somethings in a transformative learning journey to discover their true purpose and unleash their talents to meet the growing global challenges our societies face. Our program is a three month development “trek” conducted online complimented by one in-person event. Hatch Fellows will collaborate with one another and renowned experts to harness their leadership potential, gain confidence and self-awareness, connect with their inner passions and apply their creativity to addressing today’s urgent challenges.  

Twenty somethings, also known as Millennials, are now a significant portion of the American workforce. This generation, raised in the 1980s and 1990s, is America’s most educated. Additionally, 71% of Millennials are searching for a meaningful career that improves society. Over 90% of Millennials with a Bachelor’s degree believe that a masters or professional degree would be at least somewhat relevant for their future career goals. However, many Millennials say that the time and money required for a graduate degree prevent them from pursing one. Our inexpensive three month program provides another option. We invite you to guide the development of our vision by adding your comments and by posing challenging questions. We want to work with you to transform your inner passion into your into positive action.  How can we help you best?


  1. I definitely identify with your description of Millenials searching for a meaningful career that improves society. However, I feel like our generation was raised being told that we can (and should) "change the world." What I have struggled with is the feeling that changing the world is too tall of an order. When I look at all that needs changing, I feel overwhelmed, throw my hands up in the air, and aim for a career that I enjoy, without worrying about the consequences for society. I think it would be great if a program like yours could help reframe our generation's mission: not necessarily to change the world, but to change our neighborhoods, our communities, our pieces of the world. For me, seeing it in that light energizes me, and makes me feel like I could find a career that would create meaningful change on some level, even if I can't "change the world."

  2. More information on curriculum would help me know better how this product could help my friends. IMHO education cannot substitute personal journey and experience to find those tools of self-awareness and knowledge of inner passions.